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Employees from Ukraine

Data publikacji:18.09.2019

The entrepreneurs have to cope with a significant problem of a lack of employees. Employees from Ukraine arriving to work are the only solution of the situation. A demand for the employees from abroad is continuously increasing together with the economic growth. The citizens of Ukraine more and more often fill in the employee shortages in a given country.

The citizens of Ukraine are very often employed by the employers from abroad. Every entrepreneur asks himself if they may rely on the workforce obtained outside the country, however, taking into account the present shortage of employees, this is the only last resort.

Each year approx. one million of Ukrainians depart from Ukraine. The main reason for leaving of the country is economic migration. The citizens of Ukraine say about a lack of perspectives in Ukraine, additionally a big problem is the widespread corruption, which no-one intends to fight against. Ukrainians want to move to a calmer, more stable state, where life may be significantly improved. A huge difficulty for living in Ukraine is the prices that depend most of all on the currency exchange rate. There are situations when the prices in the shops change from day to day, and the remuneration remains at the same level.

The citizens of Ukraine most often choose the countries that are close to them from the culture point of view. Poland is a neighbour of Ukraine, which makes it easy for the immigrants to keep in touch with the family and friends. Most of all Poland is a quiet and stable country, where the Christian traditions prevail. Poles, at least in the majority, have positive attitude to the fact of increasing number of the employees from Ukraine.

The International Organisation for Migration made available the information that only in 2015 Ukraine lost 12% of employees. The United Nations Organisation projects that in the year 2050, 36.4 million citizens will remain in Ukraine. The Ukrainian entrepreneurs already experience significant staff shortages.

Searching for the employees from Ukraine and bringing them to work requires significant knowledge and dedicating of time. It would be the best to order the task to a company that specializes in recruitment of the employees from Ukraine and advisory in the scope of foreigners’ employment.

The client shall fill out the employer’s questionnaire. The answers given will help in selection of the suitable employees.

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