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We are very pleased with the cooperation with Laubringen. The order was carried out in a professional manner. Thanks to professional company’s employees experienced in labor law the finalization of activities was effective. We are fully satisfied with the cooperation as well as the competences and commitment of the people employed in the company.

"Thanks to the very high level of quality of services provided by the Laubringen company, excellent staff experience, timeliness, reliability, excellent performance of the entrusted task and, which also deserves attention, a pleasant atmosphere of cooperation, we can fully recommend this company as fully effective and trustworthy"

Anna Kowalska-Nowak

Production Director of „Szynka” Ltd.

"The company stands out among others with very good knowledge of the industry, excellent experienced staff, impeccable approach to entrusted tasks, professional attitude and high quality of the proces of manufacturing"

Marianna Doroszkiewicz

Production Director of „Wędlinka” Ltd.

"The services have been performed fully professionally, reliably and within the agreed time, which is why we are satisfied with our choice. Customer care, professional service and due diligence in performed activities are just some of the qualities that characterize the company"

Roman Chojeński

Production Director of „Nowakowski” Ltd.

"Our cooperation resulted in the rapid achievement of satisfactory results. The company turned out to be experienced, conscientiousness and proved to be caring for maintaining proper customer service standards. We are satisfied with the effectiveness and efficiency of the company's activities"

Maria Sterczewska

Production Director of „Sterczewski” Ltd.


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