We provide workers for meat processing industry

Workers for meat processing industry – the meat sector comprises the tasks related with processing of the meat raw material. The main task of the meat processing industry is animal slaughter, cutting of the carcasses into elements, production of canned meat. The meat sector is the largest sector in the food industry.
The largest production of pork livestock is located in Germany, however the major producers of meat in the European Union are also Spain, France, Poland, Italy, Denmark, the Netherland and Belgium.
Development of the meat processing industry, in every state, depends most of all on the demand, raw material base, efficiency of work and comparative advantage.
The present situation on the market demonstrates that the consumers select high quality products, of a high content of the meat. A very important trend that decides about increasing of the production is the activity in the meat production plants with traditions. Recently, the principle of healthy nutrition gains in strength, which results in that the meat processing industry has to meet the customers’ requirements.

Workers for meat processing industry

The Company specialises in delegating of the employees to the meat processing plants.
The main profession is meat cutter who carries out the activities related with cutting into the main parts of the half-carcasses, quarters and carcasses and trims the main elements into fine meat and commercial elements, while observing of the sanitary-hygienic regulations and Work Safety and Hygiene.

The employee tasks at the position of meat cutter comprise:

  • cutting into parts of the pork half-carcasses, beef quarters, calf carcasses and mutton manually, as well as on the cutting line;
  • trimming, with the use of special tools, of the pork half-carcasses, beef quarters, calf carcasses and mutton, as well as the main elements assigned for fine meat, the meat for production of sausages and canned meat;
  • preparation from the main parts of the elements for production of smoked meat, or conducting of additional treatment in order to obtain a commercial product;
  • sorting of the meat and fats originating from the treatment of the elements for smoked meat, or the commercial elements into classes depending on the meat colour, etc.;
  • classification into particular classes of the fats, bones and veins;
  • cutting of the centres of all types of slaughter animals;
  • mechanical and manual skinning;
  • sharpening and maintenance of the tools assigned for cutting and trimming.

The meat cutting department employee shall be characterised with fitness and physical endurance. Work of the cutter takes place under specific conditions of the environment, therefore a very important trait is the ability to easy adaptation and perceptiveness.
The work takes place in the slaughter, cutting, production and warehousing rooms that are adequately air-conditioned. The cutter carries out the tasks with the help of the dangerous tools, machines and devices, where it is important the he / she should act with special caution.